WP1 - Project Management


Work Package 1 (WP1) - “Project Management” - focuses on the organizational, administrative, and financial management of the project. Its main aim is to ensure that the project meets all of its objectives on time, at a high level of quality, and within the allocated budget. In addition, it manages and facilitates a continuous flow of information and exchange between the project and the European Commission as well as among the consortium and with other related activities and research projects. 


The main objective of WP1 is the overall management of the project.


Task 1.1: Coordination and meeting organization

This task collects several actions: 

  1. Organization of the consortium functioning and effectiveness
  2. Overall coordination of efforts, the workflow, administrative aspects, 
  3. Monitoring principles and procedures defined in the Consortium Agreement matching into a complete and effective delivery of project results, according to deliverables and milestones.

The backbone of the coordination and management effort is performed at various levels and processes. The decision‐making process pertains to a progression of documented meetings

INGV will provide and maintain the software tools to facilitate collaboration. This infrastructure includes a repository for joint document creation and code development and a mailing list for consortium members.

The kick-off (M1) meeting will be held in Brussels at DG-ECHO. Five internal meetings will be held at INGV in Rome, every six months (Month 1, 6, 12, 18, 24). More informal internal meetings will be kept regularly by Skype or similar connection systems. The Final Conference will be held at INGV at M31.

Task 1.2: Financial management 

This task covers all areas of financial planning, budgeting, accounting, auditing, submission of Cost Statements, receipt of funds from the Commission and financial transfers between the coordinator and partners, as well as the handling of income and expenditure for any items that are centrally managed on behalf of the group as a whole.

Task 1.2 actions are performed through:

  1. regular internal monitoring of budget costs and expenses incurred according to the financial planning approved by the Commission and to the rules of the Grant Agreement
  2. managing any budget transfer requests if needed to ensure a proper accomplishment of the tasks
  3. final reporting to the EC.

The financial management will be done at INGV headquarter and project partners’ offices.

Task 1.3: Reporting and dissemination to the EC 

This task ensures the correct and smooth communication with the Commission.

Nine Reports (5 technical meetings reports, 3 progress reports and the final report) to the Commission will be submitted in accordance with established rules and regulation, the Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement. 

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