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After the events in Venice and Metaponto in Italy, and Chalastra in Greece, on May 5, 2022 SAVEMEDCOASTS-2 will be in Spain, at the Ebro Delta for the last appointment of the Know Risk Flood. The event is co-organized by CTCC, ISOTECH and INGV.

The Delta of the Ebro River, in the province of Tarragona, is a natural wetland of international importance. It is an area affected by land subsidence and heavily exposed to sea level rise, coastal erosion, storm surges and extreme events, like the storm Gloria in 2020 which caused casualties, destroyed beaches and severely damaged local infrastructures.

As the previous ones, the objective of the event is to raise the awareness of coastal communities on the phenomenon of sea level rise and its consequences, including socioeconomic, exploring needs, gaps and possible ways of intervention for mitigation and adaptation.

The students of the schools of El Perello will attend seminars and play interactive games that will stimulate discussions. What will the delta of the future be like? Students and researchers of SAVEMEDCOASTS-2 will speculate together on what actions could be addressed to mitigate the effects of sea level rise in consequence of global warming.

The meeting with the stakeholders aims to meet the coastal communities, identifying specific needs and strategies for mitigation and adaptation through a participatory method by a Decision Support System, based on the study of the perception of the resident population in coastal areas.