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The city of Larnaca, on the south-eastern coast of Cyprus, hosted the sixth event of the KnowRiskFlood campaign of communication. Although not a case study for SAVEMEDCOASTS-2, Larnaca belongs to one of the countries of the project’s partnership.

Two days, may 10th and 16th, to discuss sea level rise and its effects with the students of the Verghina High School and the American Academy Larnaca. ISOTECH, the Cypriot partner of SAVEMEDCOASTS-2 organized and carried out the event.

Larnaca, as other lowlands coastal cities of the Mediterranean, is at risk of sea level rise. SAVEMECOASTS-2 offered support to this coastal community through the communication tools implemented for the KnowRiskFlood campaign.  The objective is to raise awareness on the phenomenon of sea level rise and its consequences and trigger discussions on mitigation and adaptation.

The format of the event, specifically implemented for schools, was once again well receipt and successful. Students and teachers participated with enthusiasm.

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