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Welcome to the page to download Inundation, the first serious game* about sea level rise, ever made.

The game setting is a virtual image of reality. Due to global warming four coastal areas are threatened by rising seas, which could soon submerge them. Keep an eye on the score indicating up to what level the sea rises at each turn. A map shows how much land is already submerged. Answering questions, watching videos or engaging in mini-games the player can protect himself against sea level rise, which is a slow but unforgiving phenomenon. At each round the wheel decides how to challenge the rise of the sea.

Will you be able to answer questions about where and how the phenomenon occurs and avoid being submerged by the sea? Can you rescue your avatar by taking it away from the beach in one of the entertaining mini-games? Watching videos will also help you, but you will still have to answer questions. And if you are lucky, the wheel will reward you with a bonus to skip the round.

The game is available in Android, PC and IOS version.(accept cookies to download)