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The meeting with stakeholders and the KnowRiskFlood communication campaign!

On October 26th and 27th, 2021, SAVEMEDCOASTS-2 will be in Venice to meet the local stakeholders and carry out the second event of the KnowRiskFlood campaign for schools. Both events are locally organized by the City of Venice with the partners ISOTECH and INGV.

Our goal is to meet local stakeholders to transfer scientific knowledge on the causes and effects of sea level rise, support coastal communities to raise awareness on this phenomenon, identify specific needs and develop applicable solutions, because sea level rise is not simply an environmental problem but can have severe social and economic impacts.

SAVEMEDCOASTS-2 is aware that these impacts are still poorly understood by stakeholders and the general public and that solutions to mitigate them are still under development. To this end, ISOTECH is implementing a participatory decision support method, based on the in-depth understanding of key stakeholder perceptions in Venice, including decision-makers, which will result in the development of site-specific, solution-oriented Sea Level Rise Mitigation and Adaptation Policy Tools. 

The KnowRiskFlood campaign is a scientific dissemination event with Middle school students and teachers of the Morosini Institute of Venice that collaborates with SAVEMEDCOASTS-2.

Serious games, discussions and thoughts on sea level rise, land subsidence, causes, consequences, future local sea level projections, will be explained in the presence of young people for the first time after the long pandemic lock down that prevented face to face meetings. The SAVEMEDCOASTS-2 project will provide answers to questions like what’s happening in Venice? What can be done to mitigate the effect of sea level rise? Serious games will stimulate attention and engage students and teachers so they can learn about the effects of sea level rise on Venice lagoon and how to protect it, becoming more aware while having fun.